Nice look comrades, some real solidarity there, you are both fine examples of socialists and a credit to your movement. I can tell by how well you treat the disabled.

I cannot work but that does not mean I do not contribute. In fact, I have lately been covering homelessness on Medium. I am growing food to feed my neighborhood. I have a sterling record of progressive volunteer work. I feel because I am supported by society, I need to give back, with the resources available to me. I am not a parasite who is only in it for myself, take, take, take.

That out of the way. I am not asking her to work, she is working on City Council. She has a job that pays 50% more than I get in disability. I paid my rent, because I value my housing, and I do not hate my landlord. Rent is not theft, rent is paying for a good…housing. Rollins has the ability to pay her rent. She has no reason to strike. My rent is $1150.

Rent is not theft. Someone has to pay the taxes, the utilities, the upkeep of the house as well as its initial construction cost. I recently had a tree root block my plumbing. My landlord paid over $2K to fix it. Yes I have given them an insane amount of money, and I wish I had property with equity, but I don’t. Partly due to choosing to live life on the edge as an artist, but mainly due to being disabled, I lost my property because of that.

I do not deny there is a housing crisis that is obscene. But encouraging this is wrong. It is one thing if you cannot pay your rent due to losing your income, it is another thing to withhold rent to make a political point. Given Rollins income, it is the latter, she should morally be able to pay at least a portion of her rent.

Encouraging people to do this is irresponsible. A key to getting housing is a clean eviction record. She is going to hurt people, both landlords and tenants.

Instead of this childish stunt in the midst of a crisis, she should be working her ass off to secure money to help us pay our rent. The amount we have in the emergency fund to help w rent is pitiful, $100K for the county. She should be solving the problem, not punting it, or outsourcing it to landlords.

This act did not require courage. It is pure pandering to a corrupt ideology, where rent is theft and real theft is “survival crime.” She is attempting to normalize theft. That is not acceptable for a government representative. It is not moral, or brave.

I am an autodidact nonpartisan freethinking board gamer from Olympia, WA. I am currently running for Olympia City Council. OlympiaFTW2021. #decencyFTW

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