I am not a troll, I am her constituent and BION a progressive. I am insulted by her behavior toward the poor. When she speaks on the issue in terms of decolonizing homelessness or having cultural competency dealing with the homeless is it a let them eat cake moment. Poor people do not care about that, we care about competent housing policy. We want action and programs, not feel good band-aids.

She is putting people at risk with her magical thinking. I voted for her. I regret that, based on her incompetence as a leader. She is in over her head and has no idea what people in the real world need or want. It is ignorance blinded by ideology. And furthermore, because she plays the fragile card people are reticent to speak up.

I am an autodidact nonpartisan freethinking board gamer from Olympia, WA. I am currently running for Olympia City Council. OlympiaFTW2021. #decencyFTW

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