A New Year’s Resolution and meditation on why danger is important to art

I just saw the first time Sympathy for the Devil was played live. I highly suggest you stop NOW and watch the video below before reading my essay so you can experience it’s purity and danger before…

Nice look comrades, some real solidarity there, you are both fine examples of socialists and a credit to your movement. I can tell by how well you treat the disabled.

I cannot work but that does not mean I do not contribute. In fact, I have lately been covering homelessness…

Thurston County faces challenges to homeless response during the COVID-19 crisis

Scene in downtown Olympia, March 2020. Image courtesy Jacob Stapp.

In a surprise move, Colin De Forrest, the City of Olympia’s Homeless Response Coordinator resigned as of April 12, 2020. City officials say that DeForrest wanted to work closer to his family, avoiding daily commutes from Puyallup. …

Candace Mercer

I am an autodidact nonpartisan freethinking board gamer from Olympia, WA. I am currently running for Olympia City Council. OlympiaFTW2021. #decencyFTW

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